About us

About us

FIRE SAFETY CONSULTING sprl is a consultancy specialising in risk management and fire prevention, and has been active since 2006.

Organised today as a multidisciplinary competence centre, we have developed a structured and pragmatic approach, enabling you to respond in an organised and realistic way to the regulatory requirements, as well as the technical and organizational constraints that your organization faces.

Our primary mission is to support you throughout your projects and your business, and make available all the necessary resources to achieve the expected results.

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Our offices

Parc Scientifique Créalys
Rue Phocas Lejeune, 11B
B-5032 ISNES (Gembloux)

Politique de confidentialité

Technical center

Place de Ligny, 24
B-5140 LIGNY

The head office

Fire Safety Consulting SPRL
Rue du Pirou, 41
B-5140 LIGNY

Mail :info@fscint.eu
Tél. : +32 479 212 343
TVA : BE0885 373 141

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